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I am a 65 year old woman. I have been physically active all my life and my number one goal, as a “senior citizen”, is to stay healthy and active for as long as I can. I have had some significant health setbacks over the decades: these include mono and chronic fatigue when I was in my late 20’s and, more recently osteoarthritis in my right knee.


About a year and a half ago I joined two of Madison Wawryk’s yoga classes and I have been attending these classes twice a week ever since. These specific classes are NOT your typical yoga classes where we go through a specific routine. Instead I am involved in a Yin Yoga and a Somatics Class. These classes involve a lot of stretching and gentle movement’s aimed at increasing mobility, strengthening muscles, and creating new neuro pathways. 


These classes I am taking are NOT intended to be miracle cures to chronic physical and mental health problems. Instead they are daily reminders that problems are with all of us BUT they can be lessened, in part, through gentle yoga based techniques. 


The benefit’s I find have been gradual BUT significant. For example, a couple years ago the arthritis in my right knee was both irritating and painful. I had trouble going up and down stairs, trouble sitting for any length of time in a vehicle and general mobility issues. After about six months of classes with Madison, I noted that my right knee stopped being as sore and irritating as it had been. Within a year I could go up and down stairs with virtually no pain. Today I can go up and down stairs without holding onto a railing, rarely experience pain — particularly going downstairs, and I can “jog” for a short period of time without any pain.

What has happened to me is not, in my opinion, miraculous BUT has defenetley been life enhancing; the quality of my physical life is better and I attribute a lot of this to Madisons classes, and my commitment to them. In addition Madisons classes have helped me with my lower back problems, as well as my neck and hip stiffness. I sit straighter and, walk taller and move more fluidly than I did even a year ago.

Madison is an accomplished young women. She is a good teacher — and I say this as a teacher. She is knowledgable, committed, energetic, and very helpful. She emphasizes safety first and is adaptable to her students problems and needs. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Madison Wawryk’s “Yin Yoga” and “Somatics” classes to anyone, young or old, who wishes to improve their quality of life.

- Lorna Doerkson Age 65 



My doctor recommended that I try yoga for my anxiety and to lose weight. I was very anxious to go to a studio coming out of a few years of inactivity and weight gain. Madison took the time to listen to my needs and help me at my own pace. I ended up not only losing weight but feeling less stressed and happier. I would highly recommend Madison if you are new at yoga or want private instruction!

Thank you so much, Madi!



Undergoing a yoga session with Madi was one of the most relaxing and comforting experiences I've ever had. The session was unlike any other I’ve ever gone through.


At her personal home studio, she greeted us at the door with a smile and welcomed us upstairs to a clean and open space. Natural light illuminated the area and created a calm, serene atmosphere. There was no rush, no schedule and no assumptions. We first sat down and engaged in friendly conversation. Discussing our summer plans and our past travel experiences. Eventually, the conversation was slowly directed to the yoga session at hand. Madi asked us about our past yoga experiences, what we were comfortable with and what we wanted to accomplish during this session. She offered a number of different approaches and we ultimately chose a style that would benefit myself and two friends, all of whom have varying degrees of yoga experiences.


Even before the session began, I felt comfortable and relaxed. She took the time to understand us as people and then offered a session that was personalized for us.


Her knowledge of sanskrit was extensive and encompassing. She guided the session in a slow and flowing manner, with soothing music to compliment her soft instructing voice. Madi assisted us when needed but allowed for each participant to be comfortable with every pose. 


Day turned into night and by the end of the session the room was dimly lit and there was an aura of tranquility. We ended in corpse pose and she gently adjusted us as we lay still. Time had passed without recognition and I felt a lightness that I was not used to.


The yoga session with Madi was much more than a 1 hour session of stretching. It was a full mind and body exercise. She creates an experience where you can let go our your daily thoughts and allow yourself to clear your mind. Ultimately resulting in a lightness that is in stark contrast from the haze acquired from a long day.


From the moment we entered her house until we left, she made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Madi took into consideration the person within and tailored an experience where we come out as a better person.




Madi’s presence in her teaching emits a truly palpable gentleness, acceptance, care, and loving kindness. She is evidently holistically- minded as she leads a practice to address the entire person: body, mind, and spirit. I was going through a difficult time in life when I began attending her classes, and in them, I found much refuge and peace.  From her gentle voice and her guided therapeutic breathing exercises to her emphasis on proper alignment and joint protection, to her relieving and care-filled “melt down” body-scan during shavasana, Madi genuinely infuses her classes with her bright, playful, caring, and healing energy.


Thanks again for your yoga class it was perfect... my father has pain with his joints and he never stretches or exercises, your course really made him feel better after a couple of days, he's now trying to find a private teacher to go once or twice a day.

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