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Vision Board

Groovy Grid Online Workshop


This is where it begins.


With a dream, a goal, a vision.


When we allow ourselves to dive into the fantasy of our lives and explore what we truly desire, magical things start to unfold. 


We come into the vibration of joy.


We show ourselves daily reminders that we are on our true path. 


We find hope and unshakable faith that good things come our way!


Where do we start?

With a Vision Board

Untitled design.png

Hi I'm Madi,

Mindfulness Mentor, Yogi, and creator of Manifest Through Movement. I have created the Groovy Grid Online Vision Board Workshop to help you clarify your vision, raise your vibration, and create the life you desire. This is not your average vision board! My process integrates four deep mindful steps to ensure you create what you want and truly allow yourself to manifest the life of your dreams!

Join me for my 2 part workshop...


  • 1 Hour Online Vision Board Workshop

  • Envision Your Life Meditation

  • Step by Step PDF. on how to bring your board to life

  • Show & Tell follow up workshop


Why this is different:

Grid vision boards create a more in-depth and intentional method to envisioning your life. We incorporate 4 steps of deep envisioning and inner connection before the grid is laid. You are left with not only a dream board but a beautiful piece of art you want to hang on your wall!

Are You Ready?

Starts November 28th at 2pm

Early Bird $22.00

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