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A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking,

its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings.

Always believe in yourself.

I am not afraid of getting sick, of an economic crash, or if my life is comparable to Instagram. The simple thing that concerns me lately is losing touch with inner knowing, and giving away that power to outside influence. When we lose our wisdom center we feel imbalanced, fearful, and a continual feeling of 'not quite right'. As I sit with my resolution's I constantly remind myself that evolution is a personal and continual process.

In all the modalities that I study, we are taught to move from our center. In Yoga the intention is "Yoking" or "Union", to still the mind through practice, and become one centered with one's self. In Somatics we are taught to move our body from the center, so our brain can understand what to release. In nature, trees teach us to begin from the center and add layers as we grow.

When we learn to reconnect and trust our inner wisdom, our life is given meaning. I challenge you to find your core beliefs and have confidence that you have the power to create meaningful change. Remember that you have the resilience to adapt to all circumstances. So, take time to quiet outside voices, and connect to your inner world; you are truly the alchemist of your own experience.

Food for Thought

Imagine that you are being followed by a documentary film crew telling the story of your life.

What would you be accomplishing?

What stage of your journey would be captured?

What impact would you make?


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