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"In a gentle way, you can shake the world"


Take a moment to imagine a stone dropping into a pond. Watch the ripples around it echo through the water. Visualize the stone falling to the bottom and disappearing into the abyss. Take a few breaths, and open your eyes.

I chose this visualization as a representation of how our actions and behaviors contribute to our reality. Each time we choose to speak or act, it can be seen as the stone dropping in the water. Our behaviors and words ripple out into the world around us. Even though the stone has disappeared, it still exists deep down.

In this moment of chaos that we are currently navigating it's important to remember that we can still make a difference. Each time we choose to listen, to be patient, or compassionate, we have made the choice to contribute to the healing of a more peaceful world.

Reflective Prompts:

This is a time I was wrong, but I forgave myself:

These are changes that would help me live peacefully:

This is the first 3 steps I will take:


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