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“The best way to take care of the future

is to take care of the present moment.”

― Thích Nhất Hạnh

My Baba was half blind and had terrible arthritis, so I always found it ironic that her main afternoon activity was puzzling. Her limited vision would cause her to get frustrated and jam in pieces that didn't fit, I would remove them, and she'd say “It looks like it should fit. no?” …” Pretty close, but not quite so let's try something else Bub” we laughed.

We would always start with the edges, then organize the pieces by color, then start making clusters that matched the picture. As the puzzle started to come together there would be parts that just seemed harder than others, it required some patience, but eventually, they would find their fit. I remember how exciting things would be as we were approaching our last 20 pieces, everything just slid into place until the bigger picture appeared.

It always profoundly touched me how the puzzles were a representation of life. You get so many pieces that don't really make sense at first, then as life progresses they come together. You can try to jam pieces into place, but if they don't fit, the puzzle will not take shape. In the end, you get to see the beautiful picture that you created, and all the small pieces make sense. Food for Thought: What pictures would form the puzzle of your life? What are you jamming into place? What parts are easy to see and put together?


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