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VICKI'S TESTIMONIAL - How Boundary Babe helped me heal past wounds and focus on the important things!

Vicki Aitken Boundary Babe Participant
Vicki Aitken CEO of Novo Esthetics Studio

I was a drawn to this training for a number of reasons. I love continuing education. I’ve always been filled with deep curiosity & an eagerness to learn. The second reason being that I have an existing connection with Madi. I know that Madi poured her heart & soul into creating these modules, & that she has some truly unique lived experiences that make her an incredible guide in the journey of self discovery.

As a child I experienced a lot of emotional neglect. I became self sufficient very quickly, & was forced to grow up fast. As a result, I’m an Internalizer. I put a lot of emotional work into relationships, & I didn’t realize until very recently in therapy that I was pretty lonely in my youth. Feeling celebrated for any reason made me feel spoiled or demanding and I looked for validation in all of the wrong places. That resulted in being taken advantage on many occasions. It’s also why I’m so passionate about holding space for others, and trying to make sure that Novo feels like a safe space.

I don’t feel angry or disappointed about my childhood anymore, but I did spend sometime grieving what could have been. My mom and I have talked about this in depth, Especially now that I’m raising my own daughter. It’s worth noting that this neglect was not due to my relationship with my mom, in fact we’re very close.

I realized in my 30s that I didn’t really know what my own needs and values were - & not only that, but if I stayed busy and packed my schedule I didn’t have to feel any of my feelings. A coping mechanism I inherited in my teens.

This course allowed me to start focusing on getting to know myself again. It allowed me to let go of healing fantasies of the past, and to acknowledge when I was disrespecting my own personal boundaries. Not only that, Madi has created an incredible guidebook for grief with a deep dive of all the emotions that we move through when we’re grieving, complete with somatic practises that will allow you to process those emotions more effectively.

I have to admit, I didn’t take advantage of the somatic practises in the way that I should have. There were two sent out weekly throughout the training.

However, I found so much value in the weekly group coaching calls, and there wasn’t a single person in our group that I didn’t feel some sort of connection with. We shared authentically, we cried, we laughed, we gave feedback, and most importantly we held space for each other to move through whatever emotions came up.

This course had a lot of heavy content, but I really encourage you, if it’s within your budget it’s worth the investment, and the connections that you’ll make.

We heal in relationship. Finding others that are willing to heal along side you is profoundly beneficial. Thank you again Madi. This course is amazing. ❤️

-- Vicki Aitken


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