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The Guidebook for Grief is an essential tool for navigating the complex and often overwhelming experience of grief. With 9 different video's of guided somatic exercises and meditations, this resource offers practical and effective techniques for harnessing the body's wisdom in the healing process.


In addition to the somatic practices, the 15-page section delves into the different emotions associated with grief, providing insight into why we feel them, why we may avoid them, and why it is crucial to confront and process them.


The guidebook also includes over 30 practices to help work through difficult emotions, as well as extra resources such as podcasts and talks for additional support and inspiration. Whether you are personally grieving or seeking to support others through their grief, this resource is an invaluable source of wisdom and guidance.


The book concentrates on Grief around boudaries but can be a resource for anyone going through a difficult time. 

Guidebook for Grief

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