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I'm Madi!

I'm a somatic educator. I help people manage stress, pain and relax through physical movement. I would love to work with you!

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The Boundary Babe

A supportive group coaching program to transform you from feeling burnt out and afraid to feeling strong, liberated, confident!

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The benefits I find have been gradual BUT significant. After about six months of classes with Madison, I noticed that my right knee stopped being as sore and irritating as it had been. Within a year I could go up and down stairs with virtually no pain. Today I can go up and down stairs without holding onto a railing, rarely experience pain — particularly going downstairs, and I can “jog” for a short period of time without any pain.


- Lorna Doerksen, Age 65

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Madison’s classes made me focus on muscles my body had forgotten and even some tiny movements were really difficult. Not only did the class make me slow down, and focus on my breath, and my body, but also forced me to allow my body and my mind the freedom to move in ways that I don’t ever move. After every class, I felt amazing. And this was all done virtually, where Madison did an amazing job at walking me through and helping me every step of the way. Madison is calm, soothing, loving, and fun to be around. In her class. I felt completely at ease despite doing the class surrounded by my kids' toys in our basement.
- Dan Nagy


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Madi's somatics class has created improvements for my sleep, my stress, my posture, and my mental health. It has been a great opportunity to allow myself to focus on my health for 2 hours a week through relaxation and somatic movement. I am so appreciative that I have had the opportunity to work with her and would take a class again with her in a heartbeat.

- Krishna Kolen

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I was relatively inexperienced with yoga, but Madi proved to be an amazing and understanding instructor. Madi's presence is incredibly motivational and calming at the same time. Wonderful yoga practice.

- Ramses Miki Hanson


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"Madi’s presence in her teaching emits a truly palpable gentleness, acceptance, care, and loving-kindness. She is evidently holistically-minded as she leads a practice to address the entire person: body, mind, and spirit. I was going through a difficult time in life when I began attending her classes, and in them, I found much refuge and peace.  From her gentle voice and her guided therapeutic breathing exercises to her emphasis on proper alignment and joint protection to her relieving and care-filled “meltdown” body-scan during Shavasana, Madi genuinely infuses her classes with her bright, playful, caring, and healing energy."

 - Kelsey Rae

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